If the pizza man loves the babysitter…A dude’s guide to watching Supernatural | Myth Machine ePublishing

Yes, there are men who watch this show.  I am proudly one of them.  Yes, I would be willing to bet that a majority of their viewers are women aged 0-100.  However, this show is just as good for men as it is for women and I will help you get through a little of that stigma.


First off, the premise is great.

Two brothers travel the country in their dad’s car fighting all things that go bump in the night.  Angels, demons, genies, vampires, werewolves, aliens, boogeymen, Chupa Cabra’s and other urban legends are all real.  And not just in some weird fantasy world either.  This stuff is real in our world today.  Who doesn’t want to fight evil and save the day?  That has most “guys” written all over it.


Second, the main characters are the best brothers anyone could want.

Sam and Dean are total “bros” that anyone would want to have a drink with.  They are the type of brothers we all wished we had growing up.  The kind that will punch you one moment for being an idiot and then punch someone else for you.  Sometimes they may not like one another but there is no doubt they love one another.

The supporting characters are great.

Sometimes it is easy to forget the supporting casts, especially if they come and go throughout the show as some of the ones do in Supernatural.  This show makes you connect with those characters who may be just running in the background.  That connection is deep enough that you look forward to when you will see them again.  Which I think is the mark of a connection.


Supernatural has a large female following and there is no changing that.

That in no way means it is exclusively a female show.  As a dude who has been watching it almost since the beginning, I really do enjoy every season this show comes back and there are a lot of reasons why.