Yes, Netflix, I am still watching. Don’t you judge me. | Myth Machine ePublishing

Yes, Netflix, I am still watching.  Don’t you judge me.

We all do it.

We all have been in those places where we are watching a Tv show on Netflix, Hulu, or any of the streaming channels available to us.  But why do we do it?  What makes us turn off the rest of the world and become Netflix hermits?  In my opinion, it is nothing more than we can.

Years ago, we had to wait to watch our shows when the networks gave it to us.  Week to week we all waited for the next episode to let us know what happened next.  This was not a good time.  Pretty hard to watch The Wire when you must wait week to week.  Not sure how people even kept track of storylines.  It took me a couple watches to get Sense 8 and Marco Polo.

Now we don’t have to wait.

Netflix releases an entire season of a show all at once.  You don’t have to wait anymore.  We have the freedom that our fore fathers talked about when they created this beautiful country.  No longer do we live in a world where we must wonder, “What’s going to happen next?” and “when is the next episode” and “why did I schedule a dinner meeting that night?”  We now have the ability and honor to sit our butts at home, watch as much or as little of a show we want and be happy about it.  No longer must we leave our house and interact with other people.

Whether one episode at a time or your weekend binge’s full of food, booze, and bathroom breaks only, you are doing it right.  Our ability to consume more shows at a quicker pace will eventually catch up to us and at some point, we will regret passing the time watching House of cards.  However, this is not that day.

Binge on brothers and sisters, binge on.