“You Don’t Have Any Friends Dean! All Your Friends Are Dead.” – Round 1 | Myth Machine ePublishing

Supernatural has a way of attaching itself to your heartstrings and then subtly taking over your life. One of the ways it does that, when we are not being traumatized by the brothers latest choices, is with the friends and adopted family that help keep them fighting. Unfortunately, that pretty much guarantees them an early death and it never comes in their sleep.

Honestly, I could do a list with 20+ deceased names on it but let’s just focus on some of the ones that have impacted the fandom the most. To avoid spoilers, I’m not telling you how or when they died but as of the publishing of this article, they are all dead. Or at least as “dead” as you can get on a show like this.

Bobby Singer – Human

Bobby is one part grumpy uncle and surrogate dad, one part paranoid bastard and part functional alcoholic, and a full-time hunter wrangler we all wish had our backs. Like most people, he was dragged into the life when a monster (in this case a demon) got to his wife, forcing him to kill her. Since then he’s become a walking library of lore and survival tricks. His relationship with the boys drags him into moonlighting as a therapist but we love him all the more for it.

Castiel – Fallen Angel

The angel who “raised Dean from perdition” describes his actual form as being as tall as the Chrysler building. An especially funny detail since, until recently, he understood exactly zero pop-culture references and takes everything so seriously he’d be a permanent buzzkill. Good thing his best friend, Dean, almost exclusively communicates and/or sums up their latest monster case with nothing but pop-culture one-liners. This angel in a “holy tax accountant” vessel has had a bumpy initiation into the Winchester family but he does come through in the end, if not always in the way they hope he will.

Crowley – Demon

Crowley is the guy you love to hate until you just love him for doing all the crap jobs. Originally a human named Fergus Mcloud, Crowley soul his soul for a few additional inches on the demon in his pants. By the time we meet him he is “King of the Crossroads”, making deals, collecting souls and generally staying away from the Powers-That-Be. Now, a consummate survivor, half-cured demon that used to rule Hell, he is perpetually drawn into the boy’s attempts to save the world. Sure, he is technically evil, but he’s also become the living embodiment of “the devil’s advocate” argument and that’s hard to hate.

Charlie Bradbury – Human

If Charlie was supposed to be a single episode character, the writers shouldn’t have made her a living collage of this show’s female fans. She’s everything we hope we would be if given the chance and she has crazy mad skills in the hacking department. She bonds with each brother in her own way; Sam through his nerdiness and Dean through their mutual love of women and “give’em hell attitude”. Charlie didn’t just bring back the novelty of what the brothers accomplish, she always contributes in a meaningful if “very Charlie” way. 100% human, (or Hooman for those in the know) Charlie is the adventurer in all of us, the one trying not to get left behind even while the world keeps sucking us back into “reality”.

Kevin Tran- Prophet


Is a prophet human? I’m actually not sure. And Kevin isn’t the first prophet we meet but he is the first one we see “called”. The poor kid is prepping for finals and a future as the first Asian-American President of the USA when lightning literally strikes.  His first few years immersed in all things supernatural are like a Macomb game of ping-pong. It takes accepting his mission and its risks for him to stop being heaven and hells chew toy. For all these reasons and so much more it’s understandable that it takes him so long to join “Team Freewill”. Still, “Kevin Tran, in Advanced Placement” steals our hearts with his nervous bravery, the ways he stubbornly fights back, and his ability to learn to trust again.


What “not-so-side” character left the biggest impression on you?