Arrow Episode 21: In the beginning | Myth Machine ePublishing

Where do you look when you need to ask how you got to where you are? You go back to where all the craziness started, the beginning. Well, not the beginning, beginning. But we do get to see the events that lead up to the sinking of the boat and how everyone was ultimately involved in the events that are about to play out in the Glades with the “Undertaking”.

So it turns out, Malcolm has been the instigator of the mass destruction at the heart of the “Undertaking” this whole time. Throughout the season we were made to believe that everyone on the list was complicit in the end goal. We finally see what a manipulator Malcolm has been. The business leaders did all gather together to clean up the Glades. They were working in the background to quash corruption and crime. But it was not enough for Malcolm. Through his suffering and the vision he had of the Glades, the only answer he could come up with involved leveling it to the ground.

Malcolm is kind of like a child with blocks. He has the resources to build the best block castle and has for years done so, casting aside the remnants so that others can scrap together passable block structures. Now, because Timmy over there stole his chocolate milk, he has a vision of another structure and instead of working together with the other block builders, his solution is to kick down what the others built, killing them in the process. He is a very violent child.

Current Moira mentions how she believes she is responsible for Roberts death on the boat. We automatically assume that she was saying she was involved in the decision and execution of the plan. It turns out, she was encouraging Robert to go against Malcolm as soon as he brought up the “Undertaking”. It was her pressure at home that began his collusion to bring down Malcolm. Of course, it was an ill-chosen partnership and Arnold is betrayed and sent sailing on a boat with a bomb on it.

I was quite fascinated by Malcolm’s in direct contradiction. He and the group have been working, I’m guessing for quite a while now, on cleaning up the Glades. Even with all their work in the shadows, they all agreed it was not quite enough. Malcolm expresses that it is not enough at all and then brings up the “Undertaking”. At first, he expresses that it is not enough and not moving fast enough. Then he says that anything great like this needs time and patience. His need for destruction and death outweighs his own logic. His group of wealthy influencers could easily bring themselves out into the light of day, put their money and actions into more concrete solutions and lift the Glades up. Instead, his vengeance filled heart sees no other way than to topple it to the ground.

Even though Moira started out (before the boat) on the side of bringing down Malcolm, her current bitterness and sense of preservation have partnered her fully with the steely-eyed villain. That does not bode well for her and Oliver’s relationship, or Oliver’s and Malcolm’s for that matter. Once he eavesdrops on their discussion about Walter being kidnapped and held, he has no choice but to swoop in and rescue the tormented man from a heavily guarded compound.

This rescue scene epitomizes the excellent fight choreography of this series. The hallway fight scene is like a ballet of violence. Pair that with the discovery of a live Walter at the end and we have a wonderfully heroic moment that highlights again that this is ultimately a superhero show as well as a beautifully crafted soap opera.

With only a couple episodes left before the season finally, the snowball has built to epic proportions. A device is on its way to Starling City in preparation for the “Undertaking”. Oliver wrestles with what to do with both his mother and Malcolm. Laurel fights her feelings for Oliver after Tommy tells her that he knows that she loves him. So much chewy goodness, I can’t wait to dive into the sticky mess that is brewing in the last two episodes.