Arrow Episode 22: Betrayal and Consequence | Myth Machine ePublishing

Tensions rise as the plot to tear down the Glades looms. Malcolm works to murder, I mean cover his tracks, Oliver sees a light at the end of the hood, and Moira’s betrayal of Walter comes back to smack her in the face. Join me as the Arrow-verse picks up speed on its way to the finish line of season one.

A recurring theme throughout the season has been a betrayal. This episode brings the consequences of much of this betrayal forward. Let’s start with Moira. From the get-go, her motivation has been the preservation of her family. The problem is that her choices have not preserved her family as much as chip away at the fragile protective layer surrounding her loved ones. Walter being the smart man that he is, has figured out that Moira is behind his abduction. The consequence? He serves her with divorce papers at the end of the episode. She colludes with Malcolm to carry out the “Undertaking” in exchange for her families safety. Consequence? Oliver’s trust in her is shattered and he has to confront her about the event in order to hopefully stop it. Her perception of protection is the exact thing that is bringing the family down.

In other betrayal news, Oliver betrays Tommy crushing the remnants of their friendship. In all fairness, Oliver does not knowingly betray Tommy. He does not necessarily do the right thing and advise Tommy that he is reversing course and going after Laurel again either. In fact, up until the moment where he and Laurel reconnect he has worked to push Laurel away and back into Tommy’s arms. So it is not too surprising that a broken Tommy stares up at the window in the night as Oliver and Laurel have a mommy-daddy moment.

On the flip side of this argument, I can appreciate Oliver’s point of view when going back to Laurel. His whole point of pushing her away has been to keep her safe while he pursues his vigilante activities. He has glimpsed the possibility of ramping down these activities once he stops the events of the “Undertaking”. His hope is renewed to carry on a regular life, illuminating the possibility of having Laurel back in that life as well. I still think he should have manned up and talked to Tommy on his way over to Laurel’s. At least send a quick text.

Another truly heartbreaking betrayal in this episode is finding out the consequence of Yeo Fe’s actions. Blackmailed once again into doing the mercenaries dirty work, Yeo Fe agrees to take responsibility for the missile firing actions that will take down a commercial flight in hopes of destabilizing the Chinese economy. Wow, that was a mouthful. The consequence of his betrayal is his sudden murder in front of his daughter, Oliver, and Slade. This shows us that much like Moira who continually betrays people for the protection of her family, the poor choices we make come back on us in ways we are not willing to anticipate. Yeo Fe is now dead and unable to be of any use to his daughter.

This episode is not all doom and gloom. We are treated to a very fun heist so that team Arrow can obtain important information regarding Malcolm’s companies involved in the “Undertaking”. I appreciate more and more the writer team’s decision to inject this dark series with these lighter moments. Having a strong funny character like Felicity Smoke helps to strengthen the impact of the dramatic moments. So kudos to their knowledge that humor is necessary in this world.

Betrayals weave in and out of most everyone’s storylines throughout this series so far. It is no wonder that as we near the end of this season betrayal and the consequences that accompany it take center stage to fling us through to the finish line. Now let’s all strap in and get ready for episode 23. I’ve got my popcorn popped. Do you?