The Winchesters Have A Truffle Pig! | Myth Machine ePublishing

* Spoilers – All Spoilers After This *

It’s time to call’em like they sniff’em 

I was going to go with scent-hound but in my mind, those guys smoke cigars, play poker, and have soulful opinions about the world and life in general. Let’s face it, Donatello doesn’t care about anything anymore except “his truffle”, the newly minted Super-Nephilim, Jack. And yes, I could have gone with moth and flame but pigs are cuter and give a stronger sense of curiosity.


Amara fooled me!

Don’t get me wrong, the idea of a soulless prophet as the boys on-call truffle pig is hilarious but for me, the transition was abrupt. Honestly, I thought Donatello was dead after Amara tracked him down. And can you blame me? It was all death, destruction, and mayhem there at the end. Then we went like a whole season without hearing anything from him.


The Ninja Turtle distracted me…

It’s a good thing they dusted off that soulless prophet to lighten the mood. The tension between Sam and Dean rolls off the screen like a  fog of demon smoke. Sam is desperate for any way to fix at least one of the things that went colossally wrong (see also: “you don’t have any friends Dean. All your friends are dead”, yelled Sam).


Now the real battle begins-

Of course, all this doom, gloom, and truffle-sniffing leads us to the main event, the battle for Jack’s loyalty. The last prince of hell didn’t waste any time trying to resurrect his last failed plan for world domination. He might have tried a different tactic if he’d seen Jack imitating Dean’s every move. (I loved that entire bit. Fingers and toes crossed that we get to see more of it) So far, Jack is at least mildly protective of his surrogate family otherwise known as our boys so he’s bought time with me.  Now, for the real question…


Will Our Boys keep their adorable, soulless, burrito eating, truffle-pig?