Arrow S2 E9: The Crossover We All Want. | Myth Machine ePublishing

Barry Allen is still in town and Oliver is seeing ghosts. What a perfect time to discuss a dream crossover of Arrow meets Supernatural. (Now that’s how you do a segue way.)

Supernatural and The Arrow have a lot of similarities, outside of the incorporation of mythical and religious lore that the Winchester boys have to contend with on a weekly basis. The dramatic content of each, focusing on family dynamics and the theme of sacrifice.

Oliver is continually sacrificing his personal and family life for his mission to make the world better. The Winchesters sacrifice the idea of normalcy and extended family experiences to clean up the world of the evil that haunts rural America. Granted, both shows feature moments or story arcs that are created from the bad decisions and actions of the main characters but they always own up to their mistakes and take on the clean-up effort themselves.

What would a cross-over entail? How would these two dark but different worlds collide to generate a fun incident that would be a viable activating incident? With the need for supernatural or otherworldly elements to incorporate the Winchesters, I can imagine that an incorporation of the pit from Nam Da Parbat or a meta-human showing up that raised enough red flags on the Winchesters network to bring them to town.

I can see a banter ridden scene take place in the Big Belly Burger between Oliver and the boys. Dean gorging himself on the Starling City’s greasy delicacy. Sam is acting sincerely when confronting Oliver, probably as an FBI or Ranger type investigating the incident that occurred somewhere on a Queen property. Each being very protective of their secret identities until ultimately coming together as the Arrow and the Winchesters in a kinetic fight scene through an abandoned industrial site or in a cleared out club with the flashing lights and laser show from the abandoned party scene creating plenty of flash and confusion for the meta-human/demon to take each member down until they come together and gain the upper hand, ultimately slicing and dicing their way through the arrow punctured baddie.

Not completely out of the wheelhouse for either show and if handled with a true collaborative writing experience, the team-up would be more than epic.

Anyway, back to the show. The cross-over of Barry Allen ends with his assistance in taking down the Mirakuru warrior and with Oliver facing off and conquering his ghosts, only for us to be shown that Slade Wilson is in town and providing the resources for Sebastian Blood to enact his evil plan. We are also given a better look at the world that Barry Allen lives in and that we will get to run around with him in once the Flash comes to life along-side the Arrow on the CW.

I definitely appreciate the origin story taking place in a short segment of this show instead of taking a bunch of time from the new Flash show to spoon feed yet another origin of a superhero to the viewing audience. Just enough intrigue has been built up to let us know the world of Barry Allen will be quite different than the world of the Arrow. I guess we will just have to tune in to see how different the two shows will be and what future interactions the writers will create to have these worlds interact. Until then, I will hold out hope that the Arrow and the Winchesters will get an opportunity to have that Big Belly Burger