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Welcome to #NowOnNetflix, where we scour the nexus that is Netflix in search of Hidden Gems, Bonafide Classics, and Other Titles I Randomly Stream Because, Shut Up, I Feel Like It.

As someone who grew up on VHS, pay cable, and 6 am Saturday morning cartoons, my mind boggles at the amount of streamable content available at our fingertips. When I was a kid, if you wanted to watch something more than once, whenever you wanted to watch it, you had to record it off the TV. (And if you were quick enough with that PAUSE button on your VCR, you could even cut it there commercials!) Nowadays, with VOD services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, countless movies, concert events, and entire television series (without commercials!) can be instantly accessed with the click of a remote – or smartphone or portable tablet. It’s enough to make your average technophobe’s head explode.

So how best to navigate Netflix? How to compete with the countless websites, blogs, and social networking circles devoted to the exact same task? Well, I’ve been thinking about it, and the best way is to make it personal. Take films that mean something to me emotionally and talk about those. Life’s tough enough without racking our brains over what to watch on the telly. How ’bout we start with the stuff that really matters and work our way forward?

So here’s how we’re gonna do this. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I’ll check in with a Netflix-exclusive personal favorite. I’ll offer my two cents as to why it’s taken up permanent residence in my queue, and why I think it deserves a spot in yours. Disagree if you want. Feel free to offer your own favorites as an alternative. We’re all friends here. The goal is to treat this as a springboard for a larger conversation about film, and how it defines us from moment to moment.

First up: my feel-good favorite of all time, a story about fathers and sons and the bonds between them. Also lots and lots of baseball. Until Thursday…